The Grindsake

An Open Letter

                This is going to be a slightly different post than normal, but I hope you’ll stick with me. Recently. I’ve been thinking about the Grindsake.

What is the Grindsake?

It’s when a writer wakes up in the morning with a cup of coffee and refuses to allow themselves to step away from the keyboard until 300 words are written, even if they don’t keep writing the story, or it sucks.

                It’s when the YouTuber who has less than 1,000 followers makes that daily video, even though they didn’t stay updated on the topic that day and the content quality might be missing because of it.

                It’s when the retail employee has covered shifts for three weeks straight and the boss still doesn’t know, and they cover another shift.

                Because maybe that 300 words is the start to the novel you’ve been “storyboarding” for a month. Because maybe that video blows up because the fans of the topic you covered in your video appreciated your transparency of not being up to date that day, but you still showed up. Because maybe your boss’s boss has noticed you every day this week, including the day he took off and came back to shop with his wife, and now he wants a meeting.

                Because maybe that work that you keep forcing yourself to do because you want more, might be the piece you’ve been missing the whole time.

                And maybe it won’t be…

But That’s Ok

In fact, it’s even better. Now you forced yourself out of your comfort zone and allowed yourself to learn something new. Perhaps, on that three-week stretch of covering shifts, a customer mentioned a new job opportunity to the retail employee that could be way more money, and now they are going to look into it. Or, that three-hundred words you wrote was horrible, possibly one of the worst things you’ve ever written, and you realize it’s because the story is starting in the wrong place. Now, the YouTuber got the highest number of dislikes on a video they have ever seen, and they realized a massive comment section that showed a big argument between viewers that never received an answer to their biggest question, which leads to the next video that covers all the questions their fans wanted and shatters all personal records set so far.
                It’s ok to get up, do the work, and do badly. It might create more opportunities for you down the road. It WILL make you better, smarter. Honing a skill takes time, but like a shark, you keep moving forward, or you die.

My Grindsake

It’s a challenge of its own. I find myself in the constant existence of the next project, which allows the passions to fall to the side. Not due to lack of time, but lack of grind. It’s very easy to justify behavior when you work a lot. I have 3 jobs. I’m also an author, YouTuber, and blogger on here. Saying those words, hearing those words, it seems like a lot.

                I still have time to watch my tv shows, play with my dog, enjoy a nice date, or go visit the family for long weekends. You make time for what is important and use what you do as a wall to allow yourself to “take it easy”. Or at least, I do.

                The Grindsake is grinding for the sake of the grind. It’s doing the work, even if it doesn’t feel like you’re getting paid. We all falter, and we all struggle with motivation. I do, more than I succeed. So, this is my open letter to anyone willing to hear about my Grind.

                I can do better. So can you.

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